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The Wardrobe Detox – Do You need one and what’s the payoff; Bahar Etminan guest post

Forget a health detox: what every girl needs is a wardrobe cleanse. How do I know this? I did a detox with help of image and fashion consultant – Colette Werden – aka the closet-master-.

Whilst it was a scary experience it was also one of the most cathartic I have ever had. I only wore 20 per cent of my old wardrobe – when I got rid of the old, I freed myself up to see new possibilities. I bought myself extra time every morning and started to get creative with key pieces.

If you’re the type to cling on to clothes you rarely wear, that no longer even fit you, a detox will be a journey filled with revelation and revolution.

Colette Werden taught me that there are five signs you need a closet clean now:

1. It’s crowded with clothes that are slipping off hangers, overlapped, and disorganised.

2. You’ve forgotten what you have in there.

3. You change outfits a few times trying to figure out what to wear, or just settle for outfits that will ‘pass’ because you’ve worn them before.

4. You detest most items in your wardrobe, yet when you go to throw something away, you think you ‘might need it one day’.

5. You make impulsive, emotional purchases rather than smart investments.

Colette also taught me the ten payoffs of detoxing your wardrobe:

1. Your wardrobe will look like your very own in-house boutique – organised and co-ordinated, no matter what size it is.

2. You’ll save time and energy getting dressed every single day, without ever giving up confidence or comfort.

3. Every single garment in there will earn its rent.

4. You’ll know what you own and how to wear it.

5. Your eyes will be opened to more outfit combinations than you ever thought possible.

6. You’ll be crystal clear on any gaps that need filling and, in turn, will shop with strategy and make clever purchases.

7. Your wardrobe will be versatile and support your lifestyle; you will have outfits for any occasion, at any time.

8. You will be able to close your eyes and pull anything out of there with the confidence that it looks and feels great on you now.

9. You will open up your wardrobe feeling inspired and excited about dressing every day.

10. You will walk out of the house with the confidence that you’re representing yourself in the best way possible. You’ll feel like you’re in control, your energy is focused on those around you and you can tackle anything that comes your way.