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Treat Acne from the Pantry

We’ve all rejoiced that puberty is finished and celebrated by inciting a mass lynching of pimple creams. As adults we can’t always rely on ourselves to have acne cream on hand, so what are we meant to do on those days when we wake up with a giant crater in the middle of our forehead? Two options, get excited because you are evolving and are becoming a real live unicorn! Or be an adult and deal with the problem.

There are plenty of things you can find around your house that can quickly reduce the appearance of blemishes. They are already in your house so you will save money and you won’t have to rush to the chemist and fist fight teenagers to beat them to the acne cream.

Potato is my favorite vegetable and why shouldn’t it be? They are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain antibacterial properties that can improve skin problems. Best food ever! Blend a raw potato and apply the paste to your face like a mud mask to clear up acne and black heads.Oh mighty bees! Creators of the hexagon, pollinators of flowers and makers of the honey! Honey seems to be a miracle cure for everything. Honey has proven antibacterial properties that reduce the appearance of acne which is why it’s in so many beauty products. Apply a small dab of honey to the affected area and remove after 15-20minutes.

My mum grew up in the swinging 60′s and hung out with all the cool bands of her time, so of course she knew all the tricks to get rid of unsightly love bites. Tooth paste is a drawing ointment and will draw out the bruising making it clear up faster. Since I’m not as hip or sought after as my mum I decided I would alter her trick to draw out pimples. It works, but only use in desperate times or the whitening agents will damage your skin.Most people with have a simple drawing ointment in the first aid kit for splinter incidences. A small amount of drawing ointment applied to a blemish under a band-aid before bed should see it gone by the next morning.

Roughly grind some oat meal and dampen with water. Use this as a scrub to help draw out the impurities.