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The designing duo Nicky & Simone will be showing their label Zimmermann for the 13th year in a row in 2010! What an achievement! Zimmermann is an Australian based label with a strong focus on luxury swimwear. It’s a label that has become a household name for dresses to dance the night away as well as swimwear. We had the privilege of catching up with Nicky Zimmermann to get the goss on their upcoming show at RAFW in just

The label has gone from the Paddington markets to becoming a household name for Australian design. Did you ever anticipate the journey you’ve had?
Of course not, but we have always had some big goals and wanted to make this label our life so we always hoped that it would be a great ride!
The news just landed that your opening another concept store in Soho, New York. How did you decide on Soho?
We have been searching for the perfect store location in New York for a while now and have looked at lots of different downtown options. But the site we have in Soho was just beautiful and felt right.
Are you planning to launch any other concept stores soon?
Yes. In Australia, we are opening a flagship in the Sydney CBD this year and in the US, we have a few other ideas that are in the pipeline.
Nicky and Simone ZimmermannZimmermann clothing is always perfect for the Australian climate, is this something you take into consideration when designing?
It has some influence over what we design but mostly we are just working to create something new and beautiful.
Where did you draw inspiration from for your Spring/Summer 10/11 collection?
The idea started with a simple progression of tonal colour, starting at black and white. We wanted the collection to be pure, fresh and ordered. Clean colour, uncomplicated prints but all together cohesive and beautiful. As the collection evolved we started to work with lines, geometric shapes and melded these with naturally beautiful elements to create something that we love and want to wear.
What fabrics and prints can we expect to see for Spring/Summer 10/11?
Linear prints, spirographs, perspective lines and vanishing points have been combined with mono-toned florals on white bases to create things which are all at one. Our prints feature a gradation of shapes and lines that grow as they run down the body. Fabrics were chosen for weight with an emphasis on the capacity of each to carry our new silhouettes, they include triple weight silk crepe, failles, waffle suiting.