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I hate shopping. Yup a fashion/beauty blogger just admitted a hate for shopping! I hate the crowds. I hate finding a park. I hate that everything has been knocked off the shelves. But unfortunately it is an inevitable fate. Plus I live far away from my Mum & don’t get to see her so often these days so I love to give her extra special gifts when Mother’s Day rolls around. I’ll generally sit around and think about what I’m going to buy for weeks and then end up running around like a chicken without a head trying to find the perfect gift. In comes my love of gift guides. Blogs & magazines collating beautiful options of what I could give my mum – what a mum would actually loveIf there is something a woman always appreciates it’s a new handbag. I’m not sure whether it’s about the fashion or the status symbol but every mother I know has always valued a beautiful well crafted handbag. As we move into the cooler months transeasonal colours are best so they can be worn now and through to summer. We love 3.1 Phillip Lim for the effortless style of the Lark bag (pictured left). We also love Arlington Milne who has managed to craft the perfect bag. If your mum carries around everything (including the kitchen sink) then Stella bag is perfect.It’s sad to say how often us women live up to our stereotypes. Handbags and shoes. Introduce Mum to a new style of heel to make her fall in love all over again. Even if your Mum has a shoe collection to rival Kim Kardashian’s closet I’m sure she is missing a few new designers. Buy your Mum a pair of Camilla Skovgaard Open Toe Booties or introduce her to the latest craze of wedged sneakers, we love these lace ups by See by Chloe. If you buy your mum the Chloe’s I’m going to have serious shoe envy.Mum isn’t getting any younger. As I’m sure you know as the days roll on it’s harder to keep a youthful glow about your skin. What used to be easy and carefree now requires hard work and alot of amazing products. My favourite product for radiating skin at the moment is M.A.C Cosmetics Strobe Cream. This product honestly saved my skin in a stressful season of my life. It’s a potent mix of botanicals which gives your skin a boost. Tell Mum to wear it under foundation to revitalise her complexion. While you are at the M.A.C counter pick up Fix+ spray it’s a great way to seal makeup and keep skin hydrated.