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Let’s go skinny dipping; Reader give away

Dry brushing is the latest beauty craze being used by stars like Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr. Dry brushing not only exfoliates the skin but prevents ingrown hairs, aids in toxin release and increases micro circulation to escalate lymph flow and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The stand out tool for the job is the Hydrea Natural Bristle Body Brush available from The ergonomically designed brush boasts a head full of fine cactus plant bristles that have been cut on an angle to hug the body and remove dead cells without any skin tugging or painful sharp edges.

Take exfoliation up a notch with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Cocoa Body Scrub. The paraben and phthalate free formula have a base of crushed cocoa beans which work to gently scrub away dead skin cells. Exfoliating regularly can reduce the appearance of cellulite and the rich vitamin E in the Cocoa Body Scrub will keep skin smooth and soft.

Sweets and carbs aren’t anyones friend when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Swap out sugary snacks for ISOWHEY Low-Carb Protein Pops. This delicious and convenient high protein-lo carb treat is a great snack for any time of the day. Free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners as well as being enriched with minerals, Isowhey Protein pops are the ultimate snack to refuel energy.

Staying trim in Winter is no easy task but at least there are a few magical products on the shelves to help keep cellulite at bay.