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Ready Set Glow!

So because I am heading off to Hawaii and like many of you, I’m sure, I work inside a cinder block and my skin so seldom experiences the glorious rays of the sun, I am feeling pretty un-tropical. On the plus side my skin will look like a china doll when I’m 900 years old, but still, there are times when i can’t resist the lure of a summer glow. So here are thetans I will lather my flesh with in the lead up to my Hawaiian vacation.

Face: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster glow boosting sun stones. Not usually a fan of bronzer, because of the mess, I was drawn instantly to these bronzing stones. For an instant tan booster that gives the smooth effects of a powdered bronzer, less the mess.

Body: Like me you don’t actually have the privilege of living near Bondi Beach you can fake it nationwide with my new favourite body tan brand, Bondi Sands. Pictured below is the Bondi Sands tanning mist which is suitable for all skin types. Jump in the shower and spray away (so you don’t stain the carpet). Its a light tan so easy to apply and you don’t have much of a chance of overdoing it.