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Understanding More On Chiropractic Care with the Activator Method

Understanding More On Chiropractic Care with the Activator Method

People have been using chiropractic care for treatment of back issues for centuries. Some past documents from China contained information on the various methods used to cause manipulation of the spine and legs to offer relief from back pain. Today, chiropractors from all over the globe are using more than 100 kinds of spinal adjustments. There is a newer method that has been incorporated into the chiropractic therapy; this is the chiropractic activator method. This process uses a machine called an activator for the treatment.

The activator refers to a tiny device that can be held by the hand. The machine provides the spine with a fast and low force of impulse. The activator instrument comes in various types. These are the beginner machine, the more advance spring loaded devices, and the mechanical apparatus without cords.

Relief from neck pain and pain in the lower back

Several kinds of pains of the back, neck pains and also headaches are treated using the activator method. This form of treatment will first need the patient to sleep in the horizontal position. The chiropractor will then conduct some tests on the muscles. They may have the client make some arm movements so that they muscles joined to various vertebrae are activated. After doing this, they will then evaluate the real length of each of the legs. In some instances, one leg may be longer than the other. When there is a difference in the length of the legs, then this will mean that the vertebrae is the one with a problem. If this is the issue, the doctor can treat it using the various progressive movements form the spine beginning from the feet going up to the head.

Numerous benefits are gained when you use the chiropractic activator method for treating the spine. Patients who have used this method of treatment have been seen to make significant improvements. Therefore, as a patient, you can get some positive benefits when the pains of the back are treated with the activator instrument.

Choosing a chiropractor

Before you choose the method of treatment that you will use, you will need to first find the right chiropractor for you. It is not easy to locate the doctor that you can trust and rely on. Therefore, it is vital that your search is conducted thoroughly. You can start by asking your friends and family members, who have received this kind of treatment before. You can also go online to read some of the reviews that the past clients have made.






Clear Braces: Pros and Cons

Clear Braces: Pros and Cons

There are many patients both kids and adults that require orthodontic treatment including braces. Thanks to the innovative technology, Canadian citizens now have the option to undergo an Invisalign treatment as an alternative to the traditional metal braces. There are many orthodontists that offer clear braces Calgary SE dental clinics.

History of Invisalign
Clear braces were first introduced in 1997 using 3D computer technology to manufacture and design a transparent aligner. A series of X-rays, pictures and dental impressions are taken from the patient’s teeth. Based on these images, a 3D model is created to represent the patient’s teeth. Once the 3D image is analyzed by the orthodontist, a customized set of aligners is manufactured for the patients. The aligner is assigned for a particular period and during this duration, the clear braces manipulate the shift and movement in the patient’s teeth. Once the target has been achieved, the orthodontist will assign another set of clear braces to continue the development of the movement of the teeth. It is important for the patient to have regular visits to the orthodontist so that their tooth movement can be monitored accordingly. After its introduction in 1997, the aligners were made available to dentists in 2000. It eventually became a popular alternative to patients who are hesitant to use put metal brackets and wires on their teeth. Although both methods use different tools, the result is the same. It is better to ask the dentist’s advice on using clear braces Calgary SE dental clinics offer.


  • Aesthetic value – Many patients, particularly adults, prefer the use of clear braces over metal hardware. It looks more natural and pleasing as opposed to a mouth full of metal.
  • Removable – The device can be removed before eating so patients don’t need to worry about food getting stuck in their braces. It’s also easier to maintain and clean.
  • Comfortable – This device is more comfortable to use. No more unnecessary wires and metal brackets hanging in your teeth and gums.
  • Reduces plaque build-up – Since it is easier to clean, regular brushing and flossing prevents plaque from building up.


  • Treatment relies on the patient – The end result will greatly depend on the patient’s discipline in wearing the aligners.
  • Longer duration – Since the aligners are fabricated and changed every now and then, the treatment period can be longer especially if there are modifications needed.
  • Limited treatment – In some cases especially if the patient’s condition is more complicated, clear braces are not recommended. If the patient’s teeth require bigger movement, then metal braces are better suited for this condition.

In special circumstances, the orthodontist may suggest a combination of both aligners and traditional fixed appliance. Some mix of both principles to achieve maximum results. In retrospect, clear braces have become a popular alternative to the traditional metal braces when it comes to patients seeking treatment for tooth alignment. Fixed appliances may be more suitable to control complex tooth positioning and movement while Invisalign provides a better solution to aesthetic concerns and mild cases of malocclusion. These aligners also maintain the stability of the periodontium. Knowing the pros and cons of Invisalign treatment will help patients decide which they feel more comfortable with. It is better to seek advice from dentists that offer clear braces Calgary SE clinics.